Setting up a Dell PowerEdge R410 Server with disk RAID and UPS

The DellpowerEdge R410 Server is a rack mount server.

Server Specification
CPU:           2 x Xeon Quad Core E5520 2.26 GHz Hyper Threading(4 Cores x 8 Threads).
RAM:         16 GB
Disks:         4 x 3.5" 10K SAS
Raid:          Dell 6i/R Raid Controller.
Network:    2 x Gigabit Ethernet
Extra:         Dell iDRAC Express Remote Access Card

Intel Xeon Quad Core E5520
Launched Q1 2009
Smart Cache 8 MB
Built with 45 nm
Max power 80W at 0.75 - 1.35 Voltage
Max Memory bandwith 25.6 GB/s
Number of transistors on the 731 milions
Socket FCLGA1366